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Eye Fungus Problems More Widespread

With all the recent reports linking Bausch and Lomb's ReNu with MoistureLoc contact lens cleaner to a dangerous fungal eye infection, I suspect many of you probably believe the problem to be a short-term one. Not so, according to a pair of reports in this week's Archives of Ophthalmology.

University of Miami researchers reported 34 cases of Fusarium keratitis over a 27-month stretch between 2004-06, a huge increase compared to the 10 patients treated for the same condition from 1969-92. Unfortunately for Bausch and Lomb, patients who could identify the contact lens solution they used targeted the company's ReNu products.

So far, the CDC has reported more than 130 cases of this fungal infection just in the past six months -- some 30 percent of patients required a corneal transplant -- and experts worry many more may have occurred that haven't been reported.

Just more reasons for you to consider a healthier, safer and far less expensive option -- the Secrets of Regaining Your Vision Naturally Program -- than risking your eyesight with a contaminated contact lens cleaner.

Archives of Ophthalmology June 12, 2006 Free Full Text Article

Archives of Ophthalmology June 12, 2006 Free Full Text Article

iVillage June 12, 2006

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