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Night Light Increases Breast Cancer Risks

As you know, a bright source in your home -- the incandescent light bulb -- may be responsible for a variety of illnesses. Prolonged exposure to artificial light -- staying up too late or sleeping with the lights on -- may even trigger breast cancer.

American researchers grafted human breast cancer tumors onto rats, then injected them with blood from women taken three times during a 24-hour cycle: During the night, the day and after exposure to incandescent light. Blood drawn from women after they were exposed to light accelerated the growth of tumors in rats while blood taken in darkness slowed the spread by an astonishing 80 percent.

More evidence, violating your body's normal circadian rhythms by using artificial lights excessively and even working the night shift can be extremely harmful to your health. Three practical solutions:

The Independent June 18, 2006

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