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Do We Need Another New Surgical Technique to ''Cure'' Heartburn?

As you know, heartburn is one of the easier health conditions to treat. Still, conventional medicine remains obsessed with throwing useless, toxic drugs and needless procedures in the vain hope of "curing" it.

Dutch surgeons tested a new procedure last week, that involves sliding a tube equipped with a tiny camera and tools down a patient's throat to the stomach, where robotic tools reshape the lining to create a valve at the end of the esophagus that's small enough to allow food to pass.

The procedure and tools, developed by a Seattle company, were tested on 40 patients before its first commercial use last week. And, this option will be available soon in 30 European hospitals. Nevertheless, one expert believes this approach may be too invasive, meaning the search for the perfect surgical procedure to cure heartburn is still years away.

Just remember, the term "minimally invasive" is merely a relative one and no guarantee any of these procedures won't harm your health anyway. Some natural solutions to get rid of heartburn:

Yahoo News June 18, 2006

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