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Test Tube Burgers by 2009?

Talk about the polar opposite of grass-fed beef, this chilling Wired piece discusses the determined development by a few researchers to mass-produce meat grown in petri dishes, bioreactors and test tubes.

Dutch researchers are learning how to grow artificial pork meat from pig stem cells in hopes of producing minced meat in a bioreactor suitable for making sausages and hamburgers in a few years.

If you aren't completely turned off yet, experts for one non-profit group that funds research on in vitro meat believe the easiest way to "create" edible meat is to grow meat sheets: Layers of animal muscle and fat stretched on long flat sheets with the help of industrial-sized bioreactors.

So it's quite possible, processed meat -- already an unhealthy choice -- may be heading to a grocery store near you some day from a far more unnatural source than farm animals fed grains (probably from genetically modified sources) and hormones.

Thank goodness, consumers are beginning to realize, in growing numbers, the value of grass-fed meats chock full of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a beneficial mixture of fatty acids.

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Wired News June 21, 2006

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