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Yet Another Reason Why AOL is EVIL and Should NEVER Be Used

I've posted a number of stories over the years urging you to drop AOL as your primary internet service provider, much of them related to their terrible customer service and abysmal privacy policies. If you're still hanging onto to your AOL, this interesting story, accompanied by a phone transcript and a video, should make you think twice about it.

Both detail a terse exchange between a now-former customer and an AOL customer service representative in which the rep burns four minutes trying to convince the 30-year-old customer to stay with AOL although he has a broadband connection and never uses the dialup "Internet-on-training wheels" service.

And, to add insult to injury, the AOL customer service rep asked the caller, as a last resort, if he could speak with his father. The one good thing you can say about AOL: They have been consistently EVIL over the past decade. Fortunately, I never had an account with AOL and can proudly say I have influenced many thousands to discontinue using them.

NBC10.com June 22, 2006 Free Video Link

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