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Do We Really Need More Diabetes Drugs?

Last week, I told you about the latest scam by the mega-drugmakers to push for the approval of dipetidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitors, a new class of drugs in a vain effort to control type 2 diabetes. This interesting piece from the New York Times discusses this push for new drugs from the perspective of cold, hard dollars and cents and no sense at all when it comes to your health.

Why? Drugmakers expect the market for diabetes drugs will nearly double to at least $25 BILLION worldwide in five years, a sad, needless but calculated investment based, no doubt, on the exploding epidemic of diabetes.

Business analysts are certainly excited, considering the commercial prospects of Galvus (Novartis), Januvia (Merck), Byetta (Eli Lilly, Amylin Phamaceuticals) and Exubera (Pfizer) being produced and sold by some of the heavy hitters. Despite all the exuberance, however, these drugs do nothing to treat the real problems associated with diabetes, namely obesity and sedentary lifestyles.

The best steps you take to fight diabetes without the need for a health-harming drug:

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