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Have You Heard This Vaccine Warning on Your Radio?

"Does your baby weigh over 500 pounds? According to the EPA, a person must weigh over 500 pounds to safely process the amount of mercury still present in certain vaccines, including flu shots. And, yet, these shots are recommended for pregnant women and infants..." That's how this awesome 60-second public service announcement about the dangers of mercury in vaccines grabs your attention at the start, and never lets go.

From there, this professional announcement poses, then answers, some of the questions the average parent may have about thimerosal, the mercury-based preservative found in vaccines, quickly and succinctly.

  • The federal government knowingly encourages people and babies to be injected with mercury, despite evidence to the contrary.
  • One in six children now suffers from a learning disability.
  • The federal government and physician's groups vowed to remove mercury seven years ago but have since refused to honor those promises.
  • Mercury-free vaccines are available, but you have to ask for them.


The only thing missing from this announcement: Physical evidence of the permanent damage vaccines can do to devastate the health of children.

Mercury Public Service Announcement Free Audio Link

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