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You Can Save Someone From Losing Their Fingers

I was somewhat sensitized to this article because one of the contractors working on my office remodeling project injured his fingers on a table saw last week. Once I saw these video, I decided to purchase the saw for him, as this absolutely amazing tool will not cut off fingers.

This table saw has a current running through the blade and as soon as it contacts human flesh, it throws a brake on the saw blade and stops it 90 percent faster than it takes to deploy an airbag. Now, that is fast! You wind up ruining the brake and the blade but that's only $150 and much less expensive than a lost finger.

Most people don't know someone loses a finger every 9 minutes from using a table-top saw, or about 60,000 amputations a year. That would almost disappear overnight if everyone were using this tool. The interesting thing about these injuries: Most of them happen to experienced professionals, not weekend warriors. Seems, it's just a matter of when, and not if, you will lose a finger if you use a table-top saw regularly.

So, if you know of anyone who uses a table-top saw, please have them watch this video. I hope this blog post saves hundreds of people from needlessly losing their fingers.

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