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How Sleep Apnea, Impotence Are Linked

Along with breathing complications and liver disease, the results of a small study suggest a strongly association between sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction (ED) problems in men. In fact, 80 percent of the male patients with sleep apnea in the study had ED problems.

Researchers have believed for a while the erections men normally experience during REM sleep contribute to normal erectile functioning, yet males with sleep apnea have constant problems staying in that deep sleep zone.

To test their theory, scientists evaluated 50 male patients who visited a sleep clinic, complaining about sleep apnea-related symptoms. Of the 30 men who were diagnosed with sleep apnea, 24 of them had erectile dysfunction problems, compared to just four male patients in the group without it. The really bad news: A male patient's ED problems worsened as his sleep apnea became more severe.

I agree with researchers who suspect the problem is related to a man's larger body mass index, meaning the obesity epidemic rearing its ugly head once again in the bedroom. So, if you want to beat ED and obesity simultaneously, optimizing your diet based on the foods you body burns best according to your unique nutritional type will do your body a great deal of good.

You'll also want to review other natural alternatives for treating sexual dysfunction, none of which have a thing to do with taking a pill that can blind you.

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