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The Obesity Epidemic Affects Your Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Last year, I told you about the strong link between obesity and prostate cancer. Carrying all those extra pounds also impairs any success of conventional radiation treatments that would eradicate a tumor too.

Researchers reviewed the records of nearly 900 men treated for prostate cancer at Houston's M.D. Anderson Hospital between 1988-2001, all of whom were treated primarily with external-beam radiotherapy. Almost a fifth of the patients were mildly obese and 5 percent were moderately to morbidly obese.

Not only did the moderately to morbidly obese patients double their risk of developing elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels, those extra pounds increased their chances of regrowing a tumor after radiation treatment by an astounding 70 percent.

These results show how ineffective conventional prostate cancer treatments may be, particularly for men with a low-grade case of the disease, and that a healthier diet does matter when it comes to protecting a man's prostate.

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