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Do ''Senior Moments'' Predict Alzheimer's?

Surprisingly, there may be a connection to having senior moments and Alzheimer's disease after all, according to a Rush University Medical Center study in which scientists studied the brains of some 130 deceased seniors who acted normally before their deaths, aside from some subtle forgetfulness.

Nevertheless, more than a third of the brains examined by scientists showed the classic signs of degeneration that typically come with Alzheimer's, again a quandary because the study participants could function normally, yet others with the same physical damage couldn't.

That's why the lead researcher believes a patient's connection with others, along with keeping the mind active -- reading, taking classes or doing crossword puzzles -- may help the brain to compensate for the disease.

The occasional "senior moment" is still nothing to worry about, and can be relieved merely by filtering out unnecessary information. However, it's important to remember memory problems and Alzheimer's aren't the inevitable signs of aging either. Some safe and natural guidelines for preventing Alzheimer's:

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