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Medical Journal Corrects Fatal Vioxx Findings

I wonder if Merck's strategy for handling all those thousands of Vioxx lawsuits just went out the window, after corrections posted yesterday on the New England Journal of Medicine's (NEJM) Web site to the notorious and "doctored" Vioxx study hit the Web.

Among the crucial changes: The true effects of Vioxx toxicity --- among them heart attack and stroke -- can occur far earlier than the 18 months originally claimed in the study. A letter posted at the NEJM site says such cardiovascular damage can occur in as little as 3-4 months.

Hard to believe, Merck still stands by the study, even though its main authors admitted their statistical analysis was flawed.

Some experts believe these new revelations, along with a statute of limitations soon to expire affecting prospective plaintiffs this fall in many states, could launch a new wave of filings, that currently stand at more than 13,000 and counting... That said, some legal eagles speculate Fosamax -- the drug that kills your bones -- may be an even bigger problem for Merck than Vioxx.

New England Journal of Medicine June 26, 2006 Free Full PDF Report

New England Journal of Medicine June 26, 2006 Free Full PDF Report

Boston Globe June 27, 2006

Yahoo News June 26, 2006

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