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Secrets of How to Finally Get a Good Shave

I've been a disposable razor guy my entire life but, after reading this MSNBC article, I am going to give "wetshaving" a try. The piece details the lost art of shaving, once upon a time a male tradition that had been passed down from generation to generation. That is, until shaving became a brainless routine all about cheap, disposable razors.

The newest trend is back to the "old school" tradition of wetshaving, either in the shower or washing your face with hot water for a few minutes before shaving. With hot water on your face as a barrier between your skin and the lather, a razor will skim the surface of your skin rather than drag, the main cause of irritated skin.

The most important tool you'll need to improve the quality of your shaving, whether you switch to wetshaving or not: A good badger-hair shaving brush. In the shower, the brush mixes hot water with the shaving cream, applying a thicker, more protective lather that gently removes dead skin from your face prior to shaving.

Although you can spend up to $550 for a large handmade shaving brush, your best bet is a smaller $25 model made from genuine badger hair. (The writer recommends the Vulfix brand made in the UK.)

MSNBC January 30, 2005

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