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Want to Live Longer? Make Sure Your Mom is Less Than 25 Years Older Than You

As you know, living past 100, and in great shape, is one of my life goals. You have a better chance of beating the century mark based on your mother's age when you were born, according to researchers from the University of Chicago's Center on Aging.

A child born by a mother under age 25 is close to twice as likely to live beyond his or her 100th birthday. (Sorry dads, your age at the time of your baby's birth isn't a factor.) As you can imagine, I was very pleased about these findings, as my mom had me at the ripe old age of 18.

Although no specific reasons have been pinpointed as to why a mother's age matters, researchers believe it could be better health or the quality of eggs being the best in younger women.

Among the most powerful predictors of a long life are maintaining a healthy weight, high activity levels and sunnier, optimistic disposition, and you have all the free tools on my Web site to help you do just that. Some tips to get you going:

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