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How The Evil Prescription Drug Empire Succeeds

Why is conventional medicine so dominated by the drug industry and its useless and, often toxic, "cures?" An interesting column from Dr. Jay Cohen argues the select capturing and mangling of data by the mega-drug companies makes all the difference.

Why? Physicians make decisions based on the information handed to them, Dr. Cohen says. If those sources are controlled by the drug industry -- an empire that spends billions to control what they read, see and hear -- a doctor's decisions will lean toward drugs. An interesting excerpt from Dr. Cohen describes how far those evil marketing geniuses will go to keep their coffers flush with cash.

Carefully selected information is provided to doctors at drug company-subsidized seminars, via advertising in medical journals, and via 90,000 drug reps who leave samples and studies at doctors' offices every day. Drug companies write the package inserts included with all medications, and they design and conduct or underwrite studies that are published in medical journals.

Such studies are usually more favorable toward their medications that independent studies. Drug companies often do not publish studies with unfavorable results. All of these influences create an environment that is saturated with medication-friendly information.

And, as it's currently configured, the FDA is more interested in protecting the fiduciary health of drug companies -- not the physical and mental health of Americans, one more reason you can't depend on them for straight answers either. You can get a good start toward optimal health, without the hype, consider subscribing to my free eHealthy News You Can Use newsletter.

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