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More Evidence Sugar Feeds Cancer

Over the years, I've warned you how sugar feeds cancer cells and has been connected with the development of many cancers (breast, ovaries, prostate and stomach to name a few). New research has confirmed a long-known but ignored solution: Blocking the glycolytic pathway that produces cellular energy.

Harvard University researchers confirmed the link in tests on rats implanted with fast-growing breast cancer cells. Rats whose glycolytic pathways remained intact died within 10 weeks. When scientists altered the glycolytic pathways of other rats by knocking out the LDHA enzyme, however, only two rats died. Moreover, 80 percent of the rats in the latter group lived beyond the four-month experimental period.

These recent results merely add even more validity to the then-theory proposed by Otto Warburg in the 1930s that some cancer cells move and grow by switching to the glycolytic pathway, an ancient oxygen-free route throughout the body. Even though the Warburg effect was confirmed, scientists had largely ignored the role played by glycolysis (the oxidation of glucose) until recently.

That's why I remind you normalizing your insulin levels by reducing, with the plan of eliminating, sugars and grains from your diet, eating foods your body burns best according to your unique nutritional type and incorporating the right amount of exercise can help you beat cancer.

And, if you want to virtually eliminate your risk, review my major recommendations I posted last year.

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