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Type 2 Diabetes Erases 15 Years From Your Life

For those who don't have their diabetes under control, your lives may be ticking away as you're reading this and you don't even know it, based on a study of more than 9 million Canadian patients, including more than 375,000 with type 2 diabetes.

Generally, having diabetes equals adds about 16 years to your current age, pushing patients who were thought to be at low risk for cardiovascular disease into a high-risk category during their middle-age years.

For example, men with type 2 diabetes jump into a moderate risk category for cardiovascular problems at age 39, whereas non-diabetic males don't make that transition until about age 55. The same time risk variation also applies to non-diabetic women (age 62) and their diabetic counterparts (age 46).

The other frightening number: Type 2 diabetes patients died 18 years earlier than those without it. Very sobering numbers indeed...

Despite all the recent news of a "polypill" that some theorize will reduce the epidemic of type 2 diabetes, there's no need to wait for a cure, if you take these steps today:

And, for more guidance, check out my diabetes page full of links that will educate you about deadly, but preventable disease.

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