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Possible New Useful Tool For Those Who Can't Tolerate Gluten

Four years ago, I told you about the efforts by a non-profit agency to develop enzyme therapies to treat celiac disease, based on a relatively short and toxic fragment of the gluten protein. A new enzyme originally developed for processed foods could be a solution to gluten intolerance.

The prolyl endoprotease enzyme, derived from the common Aspergillus niger fungus, may nearly completely break down whole gluten molecules in addition to the T cell stimulatory peptides that cause celiac disease. Moreover, this enzyme works best in the physiological area in the stomach area and works 60 times faster than a previous enzyme.

Scientists believe there is a "realistic chance" a supplement with that prolyl endoprotease enzyme can degrade gluten in the stomach before it reaches the small intestine versus a previous model that wasn't effective in acidic conditions.

Until that time comes, the only natural and best solution to beat celiac disease is to eliminate grains and sugars from your daily diet. No question, that easy-to-describe task can be a daunting one. One way to break old habits and adapt your mind to healthier approaches to food: Learn the Emotional Freedom Technique, the safe and effective energy psychology tool used daily in my practice.

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