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Missing the Flu Diagnosis in Kids Just Another Excuse for a Vaccine

If you're a parent who read this report from the New England Journal of Medicine about doctors failing to diagnose the flu in most children under age 5, you may be surprised and disturbed. In fact, flu infections were missed in 80 percent of the preschoolers treated in a clinic or emergency room.

Researchers conducted lab tests on small children over a four-year period to learn how many children really get the flu. All told, less than 30 percent of the children who were hospitalized and 17 percent who saw a doctor or went to the emergency room were diagnosed with the flu.

What should really alarm you: Researchers estimated a third of the children would've been ideal candidates for Tamiflu, the deadly flu drug custom-made for a pandemic than never came.

It's not surprising either, considering two of the researchers who worked on the study receive consulting fees from MedImmune, a drug company that makes spray flu vaccines and that the whole team is part of a CDC surveillance network.

Before inflicting your child with a vaccine loaded with health-harming additives -- think the mercury-based thimerosal or aluminum hydroxide -- do your homework.

New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 355, No. 1, July 6, 2006: 31-40

USA Today July 5, 2006

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