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New Major Study Questions the Power of Prayer

A vital tool that helps your body heal the deepest aches and pains no drug or therapy can touch is also one of the simplest: The wonderful power of prayer. A recent study attempting to quantify the effect of prayer on the health of 1,800 heart bypass patients, however, may confuse you a bit.

Before patients had their bypass, church groups of about 70 members prayed for one set of patients for two weeks versus a "placebo" group who received no prayers at all. There was no difference in the rate of survival or complications among heart patients, save one: Those who knew people were praying for them experienced a slightly higher risk of post-surgical arrhythmias. Some experts believe that physical problem could be attributed to a stressed-out reaction to prayer, not terribly unlike being given the last rites.

Fact is, the power of prayer is a tool whose efficacy can't be measured or increased artificially seventy-fold by man. Prayer just doesn't work that way, and most people don't expect it to either.

A factor that would've made a big difference in these results: Having close relationships with friends who pray for you as you do for them. And, besides, the track record of prayer, as it intersects with science, is solid and impressive.

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