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Is Your Grocery Store Running Out of Organic Foods?

With the demand for organic foods among mainstream grocery store chains in America -- think Albertsons, Kroger and even Wal-Mart -- exploding, this interesting business piece argues the supply of products without insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers isn't keeping up.

A huge part of the problem: There aren't enough organic farms to grow the natural ingredients that make up the products consumers are demanding. Because there are only some 10,000 organic farms in the United States, food manufacturers are looking elsewhere for those ingredients, a reason some government experts believe America is importing more organic substances than it ships to other countries.

What's more, some farmers wanting to make the switch from conventional to organic farming are finding it difficult, which is why the Organic Trade Association is emerging as a new source to help them.

The most important thing to remember about organic foods: Be smart about what you buy. An organic cereal, for instance, is no better for your health than one made from conventional products. And, if you've shied away from organic foods because they're too expensive, think again...

Yahoo News July 6, 2006

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