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How You Can Support Important U.S. Dietary Legislation

Though I ask you rarely to send a letter to your Congressman about health issues, this alert I received about a recent Senate bill (S. 3546), that would treat dietary supplements more like drugs sold behind and over the counter, is an important exception.

Should it be passed by Congress, the Dietary Supplement and Non-Prescription Drug Consumer Protection Act would amend America's existing Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act so that companies would be compelled by law to report side effects of dietary supplements along with over-the-counter drugs to the FDA.

The act also encourages consumers to discuss any adverse reactions with their doctors prior to sending a complaint to a retailer or manufacturer, which could lead to a suppression of valid, useful information that could be related to many things, for example, like a drug side effect or a food intolerance, not a supplement.

Although I generally believe people rely far too much on supplements as a crutch for not eating the healthiest foods, some are necessary. And, if you desire to take responsibility for your own health, it's important that you retain the freedom to choose and buy the supplements you want -- and in the concentrations you prefer.

If you support freedom of choice, the links below will take you to a page that will help you quickly and easily send a letter to your Congressman.

Health Freedom Issues July 7, 2006

Health Freedom Foundation

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