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Smoothies No Smooth Move For Your Health

With Americans becoming more aware of all the dire health issues associated with soft drinks, the leading source of calories, fast-food marketers like Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts are flocking to newer, sweeter and more expensive frozen fruit drink concoctions (some made with soy, sorbet or yogurt) that are just as health-harming.

The appeal is obvious to businesses that can make more money selling a single Smoothie, Slush or fruity Frappuccino for at least twice as much as the standard soft drink, one expert says. Even worse, a few of these drinks are being pitched as "meal replacements."

No doubt concerned about the plague of obesity, many Americans have been duped into believing these sugary, sweet substitutes are a safer alternative: The Smoothies product line all by itself accounts for $1.2 BILLION in annual sales. Perhaps, that's a reason why the anything but sugar product Splenda is in such short supply these days...

Fact is, one of the most important steps you can take to improve your health is one of the easiest: Switch from buying those sugary, sweet drinks and switch to pure, fresh water.

USA Today July 11, 2006

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