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Cool Graphic Animation of How Fat the U.S. is Getting

If you're one of the skeptical few who still believe the obesity epidemic hasn't erased years off the average American lifespan, watch this short video that shows how BMIs have risen nationwide, based on CDC data.

This awesome animation demonstrates the devastating spread of obesity by tracking the rising number of Americans with BMI scores greater than 30 (more than 30 pounds overweight) over the past 20 years.

Below the animation is a link to a more detailed story about the obesity crisis and more links to reports on how individual states are fighting the epidemic.

American officials are well aware of the problem, but don't expect them to do anything to slow down processed food manufacturers or try to regulate obesity beyond voluntary, non-compulsory promises. The decision, as always, rests with you. Fortunately, you have plenty of free tools available on my Web site to take control of your health.

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