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More People Wondering About Splenda's ''True'' Safety

A short, but interesting piece on Time.com describes the uneasy truce between consumers and artificial sweeteners, particularly Splenda. Obviously, demand for fake sugar is high: In 2004, close to 200 Americans purchased sugar-free products, the second fastest growing food sector next to organic foods.

Yet, the column argues, rightly, there's little physical evidence artificial sweeteners do your health any good. For example, diet soft drinks, loaded with an array of artificial sweeteners, do your health no good and can increase your risk of obesity twofold.

What's more, so many people consume processed foods so high in sugar, some researchers fear the average American diet may be recalibrating to a brand new and health-harming level of sweetness.

Just because a processed food product like Fruit Loops comes in a "low sugar" version doesn't mean it's good for your family's health or your own. Besides, if your diet centers on whole organic foods, chances are good you'll feel better too.

Time.com June 11, 2006

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