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Drinking Tea Keeps Cancer Away, Protects Your Gallbladder

An interesting study conducted in China provides more evidence about the benefits of drinking tea, particularly among women, in thwarting the painful risks of bile stones and cancer.

Researchers tracked the effect of tea on some 600 patients with billiary tract cancer, more than 1,000 with bile stones (linked to the obesity epidemic) and more than 950 controls.

Drinking tea regularly -- at least one cup of tea every day for six months -- slashed a woman's risk of gallbladder cancer by 44 percent, bile duct cancer by more than a third and bile stones by 27 percent. Men derived similar benefits from tea, just not nearly as much as women did.

Although the kind of tea female patients drank wasn't specified, the consumption of green tea, chock full of the antioxidant epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), was probably crucial to these beneficial results.

Despite what you've been told by medical "experts," the gallbladder is a very important organ in your body. After your body produces bile, half is stored in the gallbladder while the rest helps you better digest fats. Also, if you don't have one, your ability to absorb high-quality omega-3 fats will be impaired.

International Journal of Cancer, Vol. 118, No. 127, June 15, 2006: 3089-3094

Yahoo News July 7, 2006

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