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Seniors: Get Off the Couch and Start Moving Around!

Seniors may be the fastest growing segment of the health club market, but you've probably seen many more having a terrible time getting around as if they rarely get very far away from their couches. Merely getting off the couch and doing the daily chores -- climbing stairs, gardening or vacuuming your home -- helps seniors live longer, according to a study of some 300 patients (ages 72-80).

Although the most active seniors studied didn't exercise very much or even do it rigorously, they still managed to burn 1,000 calories daily (more than three hours of daily activity), more than doubling the 400 burned by the couch potatoes.

The most important numbers: Only 12 percent of patients who engaged in daily chores died during the six-year study versus more than double the number of couch potatoes.

Regular physical activity can do a great many things for your health besides fitness. It can make you smarter and reduce your risks of succumbing to Alzheimer's disease too.

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