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How Prediabetes Triggers the Alzheimer's Epidemic

Considering the rate of dementia around the world is exploding, no wonder conventional medicine is finally starting to pay attention to the very real link between diabetes and Alzheimer's, based on new studies to be unveiled this week in an Alzheimer's conference in Madrid.

Among the most alarming is a report that patients with pre-diabetes, a precursor to full blown diabetes, were 70 percent more likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer's. It ought to be surprising to conventional medical "experts," considering they often overlook higher-than-normal blood sugar levels until diabetes takes over.

Maintaining close-to-normal blood sugar levels, even if you're a diabetic, however, can protect you from dementia and Alzheimer's, according to a Kaiser Permanente study of some 22,000 type 2 diabetics.

The only good news to report: Researchers generally agreed, in both studies, the steps you can take to control diabetes are simple (although one, sad to say, also recommended worthless drugs):

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