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Probiotics Eliminate Sick Time Away From the Office

Earlier this month, I told you about the one item you must bring when traveling, particularly abroad: A high-quality probiotic. A recent study demonstrates a taking a good probiotic every day can also cut down your sick time away from the office.

Scientists assessed the value of taking a probiotic on more than 175 factory workers, including 53 who did shift work. Workers received either a probiotic or a placebo for 80 days.

The numbers tell the story here. Only 10 out of 94 factory workers given a probiotic took any sick time off during the study, compared to 23 in the placebo group. Even better, none of the 26 shift workers using a probiotic lost any time due to illness.

The trick about probiotics, however, is finding a good product because there are many bad ones on the market. A quality health food store should have at least one expert on the premises you can trust. If not, you may want to consider Rebalanced Probiotic Plus, a new product available in my Web store.

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