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Some States Backing Away From Avian Flu Drugs

Apparently, those "Cry Wolf" warnings about a bird flu epidemic that never came have made some state health officials increasingly leery about stockpiling enough vaccines to guard against an imaginary pandemic.

This awesome story, topping the business section of this morning's USA Today, gathered comments from various state agencies about their plans for meeting federal guidelines by month's end. While 13 states have opted to purchase a full allotment of flu vaccine, a minimum of 16 others remain undecided.

This year's federal plan is to buy 44 million of an estimated 75 million doses of Tamiflu and Relenza needed, with states buying the balance. In the throws of budget-balancing, however, states like Arizona, Oklahoma and Colorado are purchasing only a fraction of the doses the feds claim they need. In fact, one Colorado emergency health official says he wants to see more evidence these drugs will work at all against the bird flu before spending state funds.

A wise choice indeed, considering Tamiflu is a worthless, harmful drug that lines the pockets of a select few, including U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

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USA Today July 19, 2006

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