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The Many Ways the Government Protects the Business of Bottled Water

How the business of bottled water became the fastest growing in the world of soft drink bottling shouldn't surprise you at all, if you've been keeping up with the high-stakes poker game drug companies play with your health thanks to lax governmental regulation.

Although the EPA maintains its control over public water supplies, it has no authority over bottled water. The FDA regulates "food products" like bottled water that are manufactured and distributed across many states. Here's the loophole, and it's a big one: The FDA can selectively interpret and enforce EPA water regulations on bottled water.

As you can imagine, some EPA regs involving bottled water have been enforced by the FDA, and others ignored after several years of inaction, according to the National Resources Defense Council.

Even worse, bottled water packaged and sold exclusively in one state, escapes the purview of the FDA, and is subject to state laws which vary widely in scope and enforcement. All but seven states have one or no employee dedicated to enforcement of bottled water regs.

And, some states -- California, Texas and New York among them -- require bottled water to be "disinfected," typically with chlorine, indeed a toxic substance.

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