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Does Another Miracle ''Cure'' Really Prevent Alzheimer's?

Even the epitome of conventional medicine -- the Journal of the American Medical Association -- has had to admit there's no magic pill that can effectively treat Alzheimer's. Unfortunately, that hasn't prevented Australian researchers from launching another drug trial in the vain hope of preventing it.

Scientists plan to test the drug PBT2 in two months on patients in Sweden after a 15-month trial on mice showed the pill reduced amyloid protein buildup associated with Alzheimer's by 60 percent within 24 hours.

In its testing on rodents, researchers also learned the drug blocks the way copper and zinc interact with amyloids, notable because amyloids accumulate in the presence of metals.

With the cases of dementia expected to double worldwide every 20 years, it's no wonder conventional medicine is looking under every rock for a drug-based cure. You don't have to wait for a useless and possibly toxic drug, however, if you follow these simple guidelines:

MSNBC July 24, 2006

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