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Protecting Your Heart With Fish Oil

I'm still surprised and a bit alarmed health "experts" are recommending that patients should eat fish, particularly tuna, to get their omega-3 fats as they do in this study about reducing irregular heartbeats and sudden death.

Scientists studied the effect eating fish had on some 5,100 seniors (older than age 64) participating in the Cardiovascular Health Study during the late 1980s, as measured by electrocardiograms.

No surprise, eating baked or broiled fish including tuna at least once a week was linked to a slower, healthier heart rate, and consuming it five times a week was even more beneficial. But eating fried fish, in the form of fish sticks or trans fatty fish burgers, provided no benefits at all.

On one hand, it's good news conventional medicine is finally recognizing all the wonderful things omega-3 fatty acids can do for your health, from beating prostate cancer to improving your mental health. Fish would be ideal, if they weren't contaminated with mercury. Your best source of omega-3 fats: Taking a high quality krill oil daily.

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