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European Doctors Support Warning on Asthma Drugs

Late last year, the FDA asked the manufacturers of three common asthma medications -- Advair, Serevent and Foradil -- to include safety warnings about a patient's increased chances of severe and fatal asthma attacks. That toxic trio of beta-agonist drugs has prompted European experts to request the very same warning.

European patients use any one of those drugs as a single treatment and without an inhaler, a worrying trend, says one researcher. Children make up the bulk of chronic asthma sufferers, and are typically treated with one beta-agonist drug.

Makes great sense, considering a 2003 drug trial of salmeterol (Serevent) on 26,000 patients was halted when early results showed more people died from respiratory ailments after taking salmeterol than a placebo. No surprise, such prohibitions haven't been enforced.

Some safer, natural treatments for your asthma that have nothing to do with taking a toxic drug:

Times Online July 27, 2006

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