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Golfers Aren't as Healthy as They Believe

Recently, I played my first round of golf at the tender age of 51. Noticing all the folks around me hacking away, I wondered just how healthy my fellow golfers really were. Based on data collected by Golf Digest on some 500 patients, I wasn't surprised to learn the collective health of golfers isn't better than that of typical Americans.

Some numbers that shouldn't surprise you at all:

  • Two-thirds of golfers are overweight, although just 54 percent of them believe they are.
  • Three out of 10 duffers, including 43 percent of women, aren't able to finish a round of golf due to pain, injury or illness.
  • Nineteen percent never exercise in a gym.
  • More than half take a prescription drug.
  • More than 75 percent drink at least one alcoholic beverage a day.

The Emotional Freedom Technique, the proven energy psychology tool used in my practice, can certainly improve your healing and final score. However, it will take much more work on your part to shed those pounds and your pain. A few suggestions to get you started today:

Golf Digest August 2006 Free Full Text Report

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