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Toxic Contact Lens Cleaner a Long-Term Problem

Evidently, Bausch and Lomb knew they had a problem with their toxic contact lens solutions long before the most recent reports of Fusarium keratitis, the fungal eye infection that can cause blindness.

As drug companies do when trying to fend off controversy -- think Merck and the Vioxx debacle -- Bausch and Lomb and its competitors took great pains to minimize any past concerns raised by scientists about multipurpose solutions (designed for cleaning, storing and disinfecting contact lenses) raised as long as nine years ago.

Now, the FDA has woken up to the problem and promised to re-evaluate their testing methods. Meanwhile, some researchers believe some contact lens solutions, when used with specific lenses, could cause corneal staining, also making patients more vulnerable to infection.

If all these new concerns, on top of the recent ones, make you more leery about using contact lenses in the future, I'm not surprised. But you don't have to be saddled with glasses or contacts either. You can get rid of both for good by learning the important visual habits that restored my eyesight in the Secrets of Regaining Your Vision Naturally program.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette July 26, 2006

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