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Are You Missing a Dry Eye Problem?

An interesting article in USA Today highlighted one of the more persistent problems you may have this summer and not even know it: Dry eye syndrome. Experts say more than 20 million Americans experience this problem -- that causes light sensitivity and blurred vision among other things -- and blame it on something else.

Interestingly, dry eye syndrome affects double the number of women over men and is commonly found in menopausal women, patients on medication, older folks, PC users and those who wear contact lenses.

So much so, the National Women's Health Resource Center identified the top 10 metro areas for dry-eye syndrome in the United States. Five of them, not surprisingly, are in Texas, and only two (Honolulu and Salt Lake City) aren't located in the South.

Of course, the common conventional remedy for such problems is an over-the-counter eye drops solution or even Restasis, a prescription drug marketed for chronic dry eyes. Unfortunately, few doctors realize most cases of dry eyes can be treated safely, effectively and without a drug simply by increasing your consumption of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Your best source for omega-3 fats: Taking a high-quality krill oil every day.

USA Today July 25, 2006

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