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How to Get Inexpensive Organic, Locally-Grown Vegetables

Demand is so high for organic foods these days at conventional supermarket chains as well as specialty markets, suppliers are having an increasingly difficult time keeping shelves stocked, which means you may need to find another source for your organic fruits and vegetables, namely a local farm.

That alone can be a boon to your health, based on this awesome story about the intrinsic benefits of organic farming. One special benefit, if you're as well-schooled as one organic farmer in Escondido: Being able to tell the difference between a locally grown tomato and one from another country or county merely by its color or smell.

Although this kind of farming is especially hard work, this organic farmer enjoys all the health advantages of eating, tasting and even smelling the best food in the world: His own. And, it all starts with a mixture of "compost tea," that includes water, compost and molasses poured onto his crops to feed them nutrients, not unlike a natural fertilizer.

If you're on the lookout for fresher, more natural sources of raw foods or more reasons why you should stay away from substandard, cheap factory food, I urge you to review my newest resource page supporting the great need for the sake of your better health and cleaner environment for sustainable agriculture with many links.

San Diego Union-Tribune July 29, 2006

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