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The Latest Cancerous Toxin Found in Your Drinking Water

Another reason you must stay away from cancerous, unfiltered tap water: A new report from the National Academy of Sciences identifying the risks of trichloroethylene (TCE), a solvent used in paints, spot removers and adhesives, contaminating your water.

For the longest time, America's Defense and Energy Departments along with NASA took steps to block any restrictions, however, probably because TCE is also used to clean fuel lines at missile sites and remove degreasing metal parts in airplanes (it remains one of the most common pollutants found at military bases). What's more, TCE was used as a surgical anesthetic as long as three decades ago.

The academy issued the report in hopes of pushing the EPA to raise its current restrictions that limit TCE to 5 ppb in drinking water. Hard to imagine why the EPA wouldn't, considering a growing body of research that shows how TCE can cause kidney cancer along with reproductive and developmental damage.

Your best bet may be to install a reverse osmosis water filter, but even that won't protect you from exposure to contaminated water in your shower or laundry room. To protect the health of your family, please get your water analyzed.

The National Academy of Sciences July 2006 Free PDF Report

MSNBC July 27, 2006

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