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Fast-Food Restaurants Giving Up Healthier Choices For Good

Fast food restaurants may have actually realized their role in the epidemic of obesity our world is facing, albeit for a moment or two, when they started searching for and offering healthier options like natural chicken and apples, as alternatives to French fries, one of the worst foods you can eat. Unfortunately, that brief moment has long passed, according to this excellent New York Times story on new fast food advertising trends.

Strangely, however, one of the more popular fast food chains -- McDonald's -- didn't show up on the New York Times radar.

Instead, the article highlighted Burger King's new BK Stackers, that allow customers to pile as many as four pieces of meat and cheese and eight slices of bacon in between a hamburger bun, topping out at a heart-stopping 1,000 calories and 1,800 mgs. of sodium. No veggies are "allowed" on the quadruple burger, according to an advertising slogan, but they probably wouldn't fit anyway...

But that's not the most serious fast food offender. You can leave that to Denny's, now offering an "extreme" version of its Grand Slam Breakfast, weighing in at 1,270 calories, more than 2,500 mgs. of sodium and 77 artery-clogging grams of fat.

Chances are good to excellent, unfortunately, customers won't know about the damage they're doing to the bodies while cruising the drive-thru window, says the Center for Science in the Public Interest. About half of the America's fast-food chains provide nutritional information to customers, and most of that appears safely tucked away on their Web sites.

The important concept to remember about optimizing your health: The problem has never been in our ability to distinguish healthy from unhealthy, but instead to choose healthy over unhealthy. The failure to do so is what makes people unhealthy, not what is or isn't available at Burger King or Denny's.

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