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Not Eating Enough Harms Your Unborn Baby Too

I spend a good deal of time reminding you expectant moms how eating for two will affect your health as well as your baby's for the negative. Apparently, not eating enough during pregnancy can harm your baby too, according to a new study.

Researchers came to the realization after comparing the health of 200 nine-year-old children whose mothers participated in a nutritional study during their pregnancies. In essence, the lower the number of calories a mother eats while pregnant, the more she elevates her baby's risks of atherosclerosis.

Even worse, those babies who grew up to be overweight children -- meaning higher blood pressures and less exercise -- were more likely to have thicker arterial walls too.

Eating the right foods, especially while you're pregnant, makes a great deal of difference in you and your baby's health. Particularly, consuming foods rich in omega-3 fats, including high quality krill oil, can do a world of good for both of you.

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