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Fighting Colon Cancer With Spices, Onions

Previous studies have uncovered the powerful benefits of consuming onions, rich in the antioxidant quercetin, and curcumin, the yellow spice found in turmeric and curry powders, in fighting the spread of osteoporosis and cancer. A dosage combining the chemicals of both can also limit the size and number precancerous lesions in the human intestinal tract, according to Johns Hopkins scientists.

To test the viability of quercetin and tumeric, researchers treated five colon cancer patients, all of whom had at least five adenomas in their lower intestinal tracts, with 480 mgs. of curcumin and 20 mgs. of quercetin orally three times a day for six months.

No surprise, the number of future polyps decreased in four patients by an average of some 60 percent, plus their average size fell by more than half. Even better, the side effects were limited to slight nausea, sour taste and mild, short-term diarrhea.

Curcumin may be the more potent key, however. The amount of quercetin prescribed matches what patients typically eat every day, whereas the amount of curcumin consumed is many times what one may consume daily.

Although scientists believe eating onions and curry alone may not help, it certainly can't hurt you. Just remember, your body may not react well to consuming spices like curcumin, as it is a far better barometer of your health than anything you'll ever read.

You can fight and prevent colon cancer by following a number of safe, natural tips, none of which have anything to do with taking a drug.

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