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Fish Oil, Exercise Keep the Weight Off

There's been quite a bit of news lately about all the good things fish oil can do for your health. A daily dose of fish oil, coupled with a moderate exercise plan, also helps you lose weight too.

Australian researchers monitored the health of 68 overweight and obese patients, divided into four groups, over three months. Two groups took either small daily doses of fish oil or sunflower oil and exercised moderately (45-minute walks or running three days a week), while the rest took one oil or the other but didn't exercise.

Only the patients who exercised and took fish oil daily lost weight (almost five pounds) over the course of the study, a big surprise to researchers because patients were placed on no other dietary restrictions. Exercise along with sunflower oil, however, had no effect on a patient's weight.

I suspect future studies combining fish oil and lengthier periods of exercise (currently in the planning stages) will provide even stronger evidence of benefits. The key to getting better results -- apart from taking a high quality krill oil daily -- is learning how to use exercise as a precise tool that must be prescribed accurately to achieve the maximum benefit.

And, if don't think you have enough time to exercise, I urge you to review the suggestions of fitness expert Ryan Lee.

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