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Europeans Fighting Back Against the GM Crop Blight

Although Americans may be feeling a little wary, at best, about the spread of genetically modified (GM) crops, Europeans make no secret about their disdain for such Frankenstein foods. A mere mention of the words Monsanto or genetic engineering provokes a fight.

So much so, a French court ordered Greenpeace to remove a Web-based map showing where GM maize crops were planted around the country to quell the threat of protests. But that didn't stop people from destroying parts of two GM fields last week.

No surprise, emotions are running so high on this issue, especially in France. The U.S. Global Agricultural Information Network predicts GM crops will grow tenfold to more than 12,000 acres by the end of 2006, inciting protesters to risk five-year prison terms and high fines.

Much of what little protesting is being done about GM blight in America, however, flies under the consumer radar. Some food companies have shelved GM concoctions due to legal obstacles thrown their way by a few consumer groups.

Unfortunately, that hasn't stopped the use of GM products in some 75 percent of the processed foods you'll see at a typical grocery store near you. To protect your family's health from GM foods, please review a short list of tips I posted earlier this year on how to avoid them.

Science Daily August 2, 2006

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