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How to Beat the Polygraph Naturally

Interesting how experts believe in the "power" of polygraph to ferret out the truth and non-truths shared by a potential job candidate, in many ways like doctors who rely far too often on one-pill-cures to treat their patients.

You've seen time-after-time how serious diseases like cancer can be beaten naturally and safely. Altering the results of a polygraph test, among many employers considered the gold standard, can be just as easy by altering your blood pressure and heart rate. A few ways to do that:

  • Alter your breathing patterns during questioning.
  • Think about things that excite or frighten you.
  • Bite your tongue.
  • Elicit a small pain response by inserting a tack or nail in your shoe near your toes and pressing down when asked a control question.

Again, I'm not encouraging anyone to lie to a potential employer. Trusting a machine to tell you the truth or a drug to solve a health issue, however, can be harmful to your business and personal well-being.


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