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Curcumin Boosts Your Brain Health

Last week, I told you how curcumin, the yellow pigment in turmeric and curry powders, fights colon cancer. More evidence has emerged about the health benefits of consuming small quantities of curcumin to boost the brain health of the elderly and beat Alzheimer's disease.

Scientists measured the thinking ability of more than 1,000 Asian patients (ages 60-93) whose health hadn't been harmed by Alzheimer's via the standardized Mini Mental State Examination. Those who reported eating curry at least once every six months scored better on those memory exams than those who didn't.

The next step in confirming the benefits of curcumin: A controlled clinical trial offering a side-by-side comparison between a placebo and the yellow spice. As I've said before, however, remember your body may not react well to curcumin, no matter how many studies prove otherwise.

Some other natural steps you can use to reduce your Alzheimer's risks without a drug:

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