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Is Raw Milk Consumption Growing in America?

No matter how far public health officials will go to discredit the benefits of raw milk, it seems a growing number of Americans are choosing natural dairy sources, even though they may be breaking the law, according to this excellent USA Today piece.

Although selling raw milk is legal in only 25 states, advocates are mounting legislative efforts in Maryland, North Carolina, Nebraska, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee to tip the scales (review this link for raw milk availability and restrictions by state).

Even when lack of availability, the expense and legal ramifications don't frighten people away from raw milk, the "experts" won't hesitate in resorting to health scares that make people turn to milk that's pasteurized, a destructive, health-harming process that changes the physical structure of its fragile proteins and converts them into proteins your body was never designed to handle.

To its credit, the USA Today report also contains an interview with Sally Fallon who says grass-fed cows, rather than those stuck in pens eating corn, are your healthiest, pathogen-free sources for raw milk.

If you're unable to find a local source for raw milk, one of the finest sources of calcium available for humans, visit the Real Milk site to find a provider close to you.

USA Today August 7, 2006

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