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Big Business Won't Improve Health Care on the Internet

If you've been reading my eHealthy News You Can Use newsletter recently, you know about the internal alpha testing my staff and I are doing to transform my Web site into a community-based forum I believe you will love. Evidently, a number of entrepreneurs love what the Internet may do for their pocketbooks in the health care arena too...

A number of heavyweight executives -- including AOL co-founder Steve Case and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina -- are getting involved in various health-related Net ventures, I suspect, launched partly due to recent studies that have shown patients flocking to the Internet to do their "health homework."

Almost a third of all Americans have turned to the Web for more health information but an overwhelming 70 percent didn't know what to believe or couldn't find what they were looking for at all.

Big business wants to improve on that score, especially in one very notable case, by working far too closely with conventional medicine. To be launched this fall, the Revolutionhealth.com site will provide, not only access to standard health information, but allow users to find and schedule appointments with a doctor. And perhaps, that doctor will practice medicine at a walk-in clinic in your nearest Walgreens pharmacy that the backers of Revolution Health already own...

As you can see, the line between helping people and selling them medical services and products -- especially those that may harm them in the long run -- blurs far too quickly. My site, as it is today, remains the leading site for natural health care for many good reasons. Among them: My guidance is not tainted one bit by advertisers, investors or sponsors. When I recommend a new product or service here, that comes only after careful research to determine if it is truly worthwhile.

New site or old, my vision for Mercola.com -- to transform the current medical paradigm from one addicted to unnecessary and harmful drugs and surgeries to one focused on treating the real causes of disease -- remains the same.

Washington Post August 8, 2006

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