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The World is Moving Toward Less Infectious Diseases

Our world may be transitioning to diets that inflict less infectious diseases, however, at the expense of a global rise in degenerative diseases such as obesity and diabetes, according to this insightful essay from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

What made this essay a worthwhile read was a discussion of the nutrition transition, large shifts in diet and activity patterns and, in particular, their structure and overall composition that affect society as a whole. Of the five periods identified in this transition, the fourth stage, one in which changes in diet (energy-dense and sweeter foods) and activity patterns (largely sedentary) lead to the emergence of new diseases and increases disability very much hits the nail on the head as far as the current dismal state of global health.

What's more, these changes in diet and activity have so permeated the fabric of society, people living in poorer countries, even places where being underweight is a huge problem, still deal with high obesity levels.

The good news about this report: Our world may transitioning once again, every bit so slowly and with a lot of help, to the fifth stage where behavioral changes begin to reverse past negatives and foster a longer, healthier life.

Sounds like another valid description of the natural health care revolution I've dedicated my life to leading. Some free tools on my Web site that can make your transition to a better and healthier life an easier one:

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 84, No. 2, August 2006: 289-298 Free Full Text Article

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