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Are You Addicted to Antidepressants?

With all the research mounting against the reflexive use of dangerous antidepressants, it's no wonder patients are looking for safer, more natural ways to treat their emotional pain. But the physical pain some patients experience when trying to taper off their antidepressant medications often can be just as devastating.

In one case, a young woman tried to taper off Paxil a year ago under her doctor's guidance, but couldn't after suffering overwhelming bouts of uncontrollable crying and nausea.

The sad fact, according to a 1997 British study, few doctors know how to manage the weaning process carefully and there is no agreement on how hard or easy it really is to quit taking an antidepressant. Taking an antidepressant can be so problematic after the fact, some doctors won't even prescribe Paxil or Effexor.

The take-home lesson here is to avoid taking depressants altogether and use safer options like the ones listed below to treat the real problem:

Yahoo News August 6, 2006

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